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Re: strange Makefile generation for readline under NeXTStep

Leigh Smith <leigh@antechinus.cs.uwa.oz.au> writes:

> in readline/Makefile:
> readline.o:	$(srcdir)/readline.c $(I_SYSDEP_H) $(I_RLXREF_H)  
> 	$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS)  
> $(INCL${ac_dA}HAVE_TERMIOS_H${ac_dB}HAVE_TERMIOS_H${ac_dC}1${ac_dD}
> ${ac_uA}HAVE_TERMIOS_H${ac_uB}HAVE_TERMIOS_H${ac_uC}1${ac_uD}
> ...
> ${ac_fA}GETPWUID_UID_T${ac_fB}GETPWUID_UID_T${ac_fC}int${ac_fD}
> $(includedir)/readline/keymaps.h
> 		$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/chardefs.h

If this junk is already present in "makemake", you probably have a buggy
"sed" program. Replace it by something more reliable (e.g. GNU sed-2.05).

If not, then something on your system is corrupted, and you should make
backups even more regularly than you already do...