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>>"BH" == Bruno Haible schrieb am Wed, 10 Sep 97 02:28:17 +0200:

 BH> Sam and Rodrigo drew the discussion towards cross-platform GUI
 BH> toolkits.  If we restrict ourselves to free/non-commercial
 BH> toolkits with availability on X11 (sans Motif) and Win32, we have
 BH> the following options, according to
 BH> http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Vista/7184/guitool.html .

[list deleted]

What about the Free-CLIM effort at

http://www.cons.org/free-clim ?

I don't know anything about the status of the project and to which
platforms it is to be ported, but a free CLIM surely seems like a
good idea. Besides Clisp the whole Lisp community could benefit from