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1. with-wish 2. *read-eval*

     1. with-wish.lsp has no chances to work with clisp (or *anything*) 
     under win32, because in their infinite wisdom, MS decided that a 
     program can have no more than one out of stdio or windows, and when 
     wish opens a window, it looses stdin, thus clisp cannot control it. I 
     had the same problem with gnuplot: I can start it from clisp, but I 
     cannot control it (I could under X!) Confound MS! The upshot is: tk 
     support from within CLISP or bust... 
     2. X3J13 (how did they come up with such a wondrous letter/digit 
     combination?) voted in June 1989 <40> to add a new reader control 
     variable, *read-eval*. (CLtL2 22.1.2 p 524)It seems to be of enormous 
     importance to security, but is apparently missing from CLISP.