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Re: 1. with-wish 2. *read-eval*

Sam Shteingold <sshteingold@cctrading.com> wrote:

>      1. with-wish.lsp has no chances to work with clisp (or *anything*) 
>      under win32, because in their infinite wisdom, MS decided that a 
>      program can have no more than one out of stdio or windows, and when 
>      wish opens a window, it looses stdin, thus clisp cannot control it.

This is not true. An application compiled as "console application" has
standard input and standard output (which may be a console or a
bidirectional Emacs connection, for example), and it can open as many
graphics windows as you like. I've been doing this all the time here
at work.

>      2. X3J13 (how did they come up with such a wondrous letter/digit 
>      combination?) voted in June 1989 <40> to add a new reader control 
>      variable, *read-eval*. (CLtL2 22.1.2 p 524) It seems to be of enormous 
>      importance to security, but is apparently missing from CLISP.

Since you think it's important, it will be implemented in the next CLISP

Btw, X3 is ANSI's subdivision dealing with programming languages
(counterpart of ISO's SC22), and X3J13 is the group for Lisp (counterpart
of ISO SC22/WG16). :-)