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I recently found another class name in 88-002R which may not have been
officially blessed.  The DOCUMENTATION generic function has a primary
method specialized on the class STANDARD-SLOT-DESCRIPTION.  I have not
been able to find any other mention of this class in 88-002R or the
draft standard, and it was not included in either of the issues from
the 6/90 meeting which made some of the random CLOS metaobject classes
If we are going to be consistent about these, then we should also have
a SLOT-DESCRIPTION class (with the exception of OBJECT, for every
class named STANDARD-xxx we currently have a class named xxx).  Note
also that the most recent draft of CLOS Chapter 3 I've seen (dated
6/6/90) calls these classes STANDARD-SLOT-DEFINITION and
SLOT-DEFINITION.  I personally have a mild preference for DESCRIPTION
rather than DEFINITION.

Do we want to say anything at all about these classes in the standard?
Since I don't think they are very useful without a metaobject
protocol, perhaps we should just forget them and remove the reference
from the description of the DOCUMENTATION function.