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Discussion at X3J13

We should talk about how we're going to organize the discussion at
X3J13.  I believe we have a whole day allocated to us.  One way of
organizing it that I had in mind was for me to present the programmer
interface as it currently stands, for Danny to present the meta-object
protocol as it currently stands, for Dick to present the reasons why
this is the right thing for the broader Lisp community, not just for the
people like Xerox and Symbolics and TI with specialized Lisp machines,
and for anything left of the morning to be spent on questions and
answers directly related to the presentations.  Then the next half day
would be spent either on more detailed Q&A if the meeting attendees seem
to have trouble understanding what's in the document, or else on
technical discussion of what changes they would like to propose, how to
finish the parts that we haven't finished yet, and "where do we go from
here" discussion.  Does this sound good?