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Submission for sdc-commonloops

Path: burdvax!daemon
From: Gregor.pa@Xerox.COM
Newsgroups: sdc.commonloops
Subject: Re: Problem with the latest CommonLoops
Message-ID: <3099@burdvax.PRC.Unisys.COM>
Date: 24 Mar 87 19:40:41 GMT
Sender: daemon@burdvax.PRC.Unisys.COM
Lines: 13

    When trying to compile excl-low.cl, it comes up with the following
    error message:

    Error: EXCL::FN_SYMDEF is not a known location specifier for setf.
    [1] <cl>

For the time being, go to the file excl-low and comment out the
definition of set-function-name.  I will do a more elegant patch later
and put it on parcvax.

Anyone else who has this problem with ExCL and the new release of PCL
should do the same.  NOTE, don't do this unless you have this problem,
people using the newest release of ExCL will not have this problem.