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Agenda for X3J13

As you know, we ran into a brick wall last week with the specification.
The problem is with the question of how much the meta-object level
should influence the format and content of chapter 2. The issue is
how to decide what to say about the specification of a generic function
versus what to say about specific methods.

I think there is no question that this level of detail is worth
specifying, but the question was how much to try to do before the X3

It turns out that the very question itself and our initial consideration
of it broke our stride enough that we will not be able to have
an extensive discussion at X3 because we will not have coherent
draft of chapters 1 and 2 in the hands of the X3 members soon enough.

Therefore, the following have been decided:

1. There will be no CLOS subcommittee meeting in Colorado.

2. Danny Bobrow, Sonya Keene, and Linda DeMichiel will not attend the meeting.

3. Gregor will present an overview of the decisions we made, such as
initialization, class redefinition, etc.

I'm sorry if this necessitates a change in your travel plans.