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Re: bug in nested :around methods & TYPEP problem in 2/7/88 PCL

I also observed the infinite loops just using call-next-method in a
complicated class hierarchy without doing :around methods.  The patch
you sent out seems to fix my problem as well.

There seems to be a problem with typep in excl-3.0.beta.68 with
pcl::iwmc-class.  I have been using (typep object 'pcl::iwmc-class) or
(check-type object pcl::iwmc-class) to verify that an object is a pcl
object before doing pcl specific things to it.  Now I have the
following problem:

 ->(ERROR "Attempt to call ~s which is defined as a macro." #<function
object IWMC-CLASS-P (a macro) @ #x25bb89>)
   (TYPEP #[Canvas: 4 (0.05, 0.7, 0.15, 0.90999997) Parent:
#[NX-WS-CONNECTION-ROOT-CANVAS: localhost,0 #<tcp-io stream
"localhost:5900" @ #x77b3a9>], Children: ()] PCL::IWMC-CLASS)

Should iwmc-class-p be a function?  Is there a more portable way to
check that an object is a pcl object?


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