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CLOS (PCL) Compile problem

    Date: Sat, 6 Feb 88 00:26:19

    The defsys.lisp *pcl-files* param requires a low.lisp file.  None such
    exists in the ftp able directory.  Are we to simply stub an empty low.lisp
    fil;e so that  my coral-low.lisp (in my case since I am using Coral
    Allegro CL for the Mac) has a module to use?  Or am I missing something big

You must have the low.lisp file to be able to use PCL.  I just checked
the /pub/pcl directory on parcvax and that file is there, perhaps it
just didn't get copied the first time you ftp'd.

    Also, certain files like dcode-pre2.lisp don't seem to be used anymore, and
    braid2.lisp, while mentioned in a note no longer exists.  I assume it has
    been phased out.

dcode-pre2 and braid2 are no longer used.  I have deleted these files
and all mention of them from the directory and the source files.