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new version of PCL

There is a new version of PCL in the /pcl directory on arisia.xerox.com.
You can use anonymous FTP to retrieve it.  As usual, you should retrieve
all the *.lisp and *.text files.

This version of PCL has been tested at PARC in the following Common

  Symbolics 7.2
  Coral 1.2
  Lucid 3.0
  Franz 3.0
  Xerox Lyric
  Xerox Medley (aka EnvOS Medley)

We are working on KCL right now and hope to have this release working in
KCL sometime in the next couple of days.

The notes.text file contains a detailed description of this version of
PCL.  The following is only a brief summary of those changes.

This release contains the big changes which the 7/7 through 8/2 releases
were really getting ready for.  There are two, distinct major sets of
changes in this release, along with a number of minor changes.

The effect of the first major set of changes is to make the order of
arguments to setf generic functions and methods conform with the spec.
In addition, these changes allow the first argument to defmethod to be
of the form (SETF <symbol>).

The second major set of changes has to do with slot access and instance
structure.  These changes affect all the functions which access the
slots of an instance.  In addition, the generic functions which are
called by the slot access functions in exceptional circumstances are
affected.  This set of changes also include the implemenentation of the
real initialization protocol as specified by 88-002R.