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Re: metaobject protocol documentation

    Date: Mon, 19 Sep 88 11:03:03 PST
    From: Doug Ruth <RUTH@SRI-ROBOTX.ARPA>

    Where can I get a hold of the documentation on the metaobject protocol.
    Chapter 1 of the CLOS Spec refers to it.

I composed my previous answer to this message too hastily.  This message
contains some more useful information.

There is an existing draft of this document which I can send you if you
like.  Since that draft, there have been several meetings of the full
CLOS committee; these resulted in some significant changes being made to
the protocol.  We have also made some changes in the presentation to be
used in the document.  The final draft will differ substantially in
presentation, and somewhat in content.

We are now working on the final draft which we have promised to complete
by early December.  That document will be announced to this list when it
is ready.