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Re: metaobject protocol documentation

     Please send me the draft of the metaobject documentation.

At RISC Linz we are currently evaluating PCL as a basis for our symbolic
computation library. An important issue in this field are parameterized types
- families of classes - such as zmod N, polynomial over A-FIELD in VARS,
matrix DIMS of DOMAIN,... , where N, A-FIELD, VARS, DIMS, and DOMAIN are
parameters for type zmod, polynomial, and matrix.
We would like something like (DEFCLASS (ZMOD N) ...) and
(DEFMETHOD xxx ((Z (ZMOD N))... )... ).

Related work has been done at Tektronix for Smalltalk - the VIEWS system.
Has anybody tried to do something similar for PCL?

Thank you,

PS: I have chapter 1 & 2 of the CLOS draft and 'St.Patricks Day' PCL.
    I cannot get the new versions. A friend who FTPed and sent it as mail
    cannot do it anymore. Please help an EARN (=BITNET in Europe) user!

! Hubert Hofbauer          (research assistant) ! K311770@AEARN.BITNET  !
! Research Institute for Symbolic Computation   ! RISC                  !
! Johannes-Kepler-Universitaet Linz             ! JKU Linz              !
! A-4040 Linz                                   ! Austria / Europe      !