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Safety proclamation in "kcl-patches" is never rescinded

I have successfully built the Victoria Day PCL on top of AKCL 1.122
on a Sun-4.  However, I noticed that all files were compiled with
safety 2.  This is because safety is set to 2 in "kcl-patches"
via a PROCLAIM and is never changed thereafter.  My reading of
CLtL is that AKCL's behavior here is correct:  PROCLAIM applies
globally, and not just to the file currently being compiled.
So, should I append the following to the end of "kcl-patches"
(if I want safety 0, that is)?

	(proclaim '(optimize (safety 0) (space 0) (speed 3)))

Actually, it would be more proper to set the optimizations back
to whatever they were previously, but I don't know how to query
AKCL about its optimization settings.

By the way, at least one person has simply suggested skipping
"kcl-patches" entirely - i.e., that PCL can do just fine without

	Lawrence G. Mayka
	AT&T Bell Laboratories