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Re: Safety proclamation in "kcl-patches" is never rescinded

> By the way, at least one person has simply suggested skipping
> "kcl-patches" entirely - i.e., that PCL can do just fine without
> it.

The file kcl-patches.lisp patches three functions:
 defmacro: fix KCL's &environment bug,
 get-setf-method: check the result of get-setf-method-multiple-value,
 get-setf-method-multiple-value: (I don't understand this one,
    presumably it works around some bug, but it seems to be equivalent
    to the original version of get-setf-method-multiple-value).

The defmacro &environment bug has been fixed in akcl since akcl-1-98.
If you are using an akcl that is newer than akcl-1-98, I think you
can skip the file kcl-patches.

Rick Harris