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Re: Lisp advocacy

>>>>> "LGM" == Lawrence G Mayka <lgm@polaris.ih.att.com> writes:

    LGM> To get on the Lisp jobs mailing list, I think you send a line like

    LGM> subscribe lisp-jobs <name>, <organization>

    LGM> to

    LGM> ai+query@cs.cmu.edu

Full details on this and other publically available resources for Lisp and 
Lisp-like languages are available off the ALU home page:


If you only have memory for one address, this should be it, because you can get
everywhere else from there. (If I've missed any links you think should be there, 
tell me and I'll add them.)

Currently there are a number of (different) pointers into Mark K's archives, 
pointers to  Apple Cambridge's home page, pointers to Dylan archives, Scheme 
archives, source code for various books (and indeed, two different bibliographies
of books), a page on Lisp history, and even pages of Lisp humor.