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Re: PD lisps for Sun Solaris 2.3

A number of folks have written:

> >->Are there and public domain lisps that will run on Solaris 2.3 and if so
> >->where can I FTP them?
> >
> >I'm interested in the same stuff. Please keep me posted too if anything
> >interesting comes up!
> >
> I got GNU Lisp and tried to build it with gcc but the make failed.  I
> posted the error to the GNU discussion list but have not gotten a response.
> I have not tried to get/build CLISP yet.

Try WINTERP---  WINTERP is based on XLISP.  It provides the functionality of
a LISP interpreter and includes a set of LISP classes which provide an
OO encapsulation of the Motif GUI.  I have successfully compiled it under
Solaris 2.3 without any changes (other necessary makefile tweaks).  It's
fast, robust, small, and includes the source for the entire environment.

It's available via ftp from ftp.x.org  in /contrib/devel_tools

I have used the previous version to build and deliver applications.  The new
version 2.03 provides a large number of extensions, including the XTango
graphics package.

Check it out.