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CLOS programmer wanted

Nichimen Graphics is looking for a developer to help create tools that
will be used
to build an innovative dynamic object-oriented user interface for our
integrated 3D
modeling and animation package.

Requirements for the position include: 

  -- Proficiency as a CLOS programmer.

Pluses for the position include:

  -- Proven experience in developing and structuring object-oriented
     software interfaces.
  -- Experience in integrating software modules (with special
     paid to maintaining consistency).
  -- Experience with Silicon Graphics' and Windows NT operating systems.
  -- General knowledge of computer graphics concepts.
  -- Experience in user interface design.

At Nichimen Graphics, we are committed to providing leading-edge 2D and
3D computer
graphics animation tools.  Our software has been used to help  produce 
some of the
most advanced  next generation  video game  titles  including 
Nintendo's Mario 64,
Square's Final Fantasy VII, and Acclaim's NBA Jam.

Nichimen Graphics  provides  competitive benefits  and is located one
mile from the
ocean in Los Angeles. For more information, please check our web site at


To apply, send resumes, preferably by email to jobs@nichimen.com, or to

Bob Coyne  -  Director of Software

Nichimen Graphics
12555 West Jefferson Blvd, Suite 285
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Phone: (310) 577-0500  -  Fax (310) 577-0577

coyne@nichimen.com  -  http://www.nichimen.com/