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Lisp User Group Meeting, 5.Feb.1996, Munich/Germany, "Lisp in the Net", Agenda and Invitation

Lisp User Group Meeting, 5.Feb.1996, Munich/Germany, "Lisp in the Net",
Agenda and Invitation

Dear Lisp Friend!

As mentioned only a few weeks ago, we are announcing the
next Lisp User Group Meeting. We invite you to participate to
the Lisp User Group Meeting at the 5th of February
1997 in parallel to the OOP '97. You can get this information
also from http://www.lisp.de/ .

In every spring the OOP takes place in Munich, Germany. For 5 days,
people meet to get an impression of new products, services and
trends in the object oriented world. It is one of the biggest
meetings in the object orientation for both, experts and users.
This year, more than 900 participants are expected to visit the
conference and more than 2.500 are expected to come to the

Like last year, we want to give friends of Lisp the chance to
talk about their experiences and their successes using Lisp. We
established an agenda including very interesting speechs of
international and domestic Lisp users, introducing commercial
and research Lisp applications. Every participant of the Lisp
User Group Meeting will learn what makes Lisp that much
better than languages like C++, Smalltalk or Java. Come to see
the more efficient way of object oriented programming. 

This year the header of the Lisp User Group Meeting '97 is:

            LISP IN THE NET


To give you an impression of the speechs, this is the agenda of
the Lisp User Group Meeting, 5th of February 1997:

  8:45  Registration

  9:05  Welcome to the Lisp User Group Meeting

  9:10  SCHEMA GmbH, Marcus Kesseler:
        SchemaText WWW - A Commercial
        Windows Application in CLOS

  9:55  University of Bath (UK), Andreas Kind:
        EuLisp and mobile programs in
        heterogeneous computer networks

  10:40 Break for coffee

  11:00 Special Guest Speech: University of Paris,
        Prof. Christian Queinnec: DMeroon, A Multi-Lingual
        Coherently Distributed Memory Model

  12:00 University of Trier, Marcus Specht:
        ELM-ART II, a WWW-based intelligent
        interactive textbook to support learning
        programming in Lisp

  12:45 Break for lunch and talk

  13:45 Dr. Thomas Neumann: OO-Database
        System STATICE

  14:30 University of Hamburg, Ralf Möller:
        Dynamic OOP and Beyond

  15:15 Break for coffee

  15:30 Franz Inc., Jim Veitch: Dynamic Objects,
        Next Generation Programs

  16:15 Discussion: Positioning Lisp vs. Java

  16:40 Organization:
        Interest in establishing german/european Lisp User
        Forum: how to activate http://www.lisp.de

  17:00 End of the Lisp User Group Meeting '97

Note:  Abstracts for the speeches are available
       at http://www.lisp.de/talks.html .


Where will the Lisp User Group Meeting
take place:

  City:  Munich, Germany
  Hotel: Arabella Hotel Bogenhausen
         Salon Klenze, Obergeschoss
         Arabellastrasse 5
         81925 Muenchen
         Tel.: +49 89 9232-0
         Fax: +49 89 9232-4449 
  Date:  5th of February 1997
  Time:  8:45 - 17:00 Uhr

Please send us (mailto:lugm97@lisp.de) a short note,
if you would like to attend the LUGM 97. You can also
register online at http://www.lisp.de/ .

    First Name:
    Company / Institution:
    City, ZIP:
    Number of People:


You can reach us at mailto:lugm97@lisp.de.

Surface Mail, please contact:

Martin-Schmeisser-Weg 12
D-44227 Dortmund

You can get uptodate information about LUGM 97
>from http://www.lisp.de/ .

We are loooking forward to see you in Munich,

Ingo Kriescher and Rainer Joswig