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Color in EW

Hello Fellow EW users,
	Some time ago there was a brief mention of using color
in EW.  The jist of the responses seemed to say that just by 
using the ":color" keyword to the various "draw-" type functions,
this would work.  Well, either I misinterpreted these claims, or
I am doing something wrong [imagine that!  ;-) ], because I cannot
get anything to draw in color on my Sun 3/280 with an RGB monitor
(Running Allegro CL 3.something, with the versions of PCL and CLX
that come with Allegro).
	What I would really like to be able to do is mix my
own color ALU's like I can do on my Symbolics.  Is this too 
ambitious?  Has anyone else got anything to draw in color under


James Lawton
Rome Air Development Center
Griffiss AFB, NY

Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed here are MINE, ALL MINE!
             I doubt the RADC or the Air Force would want any
             claim to them, so they won't accept any blame.