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Express Windows with AKCL

I have gotten the required parts of EW to compile under AKCL 1-478
with May Day PCL and CLX R4.3.  I have reached the point where I can
get the main screen to come up, though that is about it.  When I run
the lisp-window program, I don't get any response from the keywoard.

Before I go diving into the code, has anyone out there had any success
with the configuration?

Here are some of the changes I had to make in order to get EW to
compile with AKCL and the version of CLX I have:

o Install the patches for May Day PCL that have appeared on this list.
  (Thanks Stephen! The patches saved me a lot of work.)

o In macros.lsp, there are a number of redundant structure
  type predicate macros that cause AKCL to barf.  Comment them out.
  Also, AKCL can't handle structure field type declarations of the
  form (FIXNUM 0 15);  I had to change these to just FIXNUM.

o In clx-hacks.lsp, there are references to undefined functions
  XLIB::DECLARE-VALUES and XLIB::DECLARE-FUNARG.  I suppose that these
  are from an earlier version of CLX.  I removed the references
  without any apparent harm.

o There is a mysterious bug in the AKCL reader that sometimes causes
  it to get an undefined dispatching macro error when it sees things
  like #P"foo" in comments.  You may have to remove these.

o The names of characters in AKCL are completely different than in
  other Lisps.  Here is a list:

	Rubout		 	Meta-Rubout	 \377
	Meta-B		 \342
	Meta-Control-B	 \202
	Meta-C		 \343
	Meta-D		 \344
	Meta-F		 \346
	Meta-Control-F	 \206
	Meta-L		 \354
	Meta-T		 \364
	Meta-Control-T	 \224
	Meta-U		 \365
	Meta-V		 \366
	Control-Meta-W	 \227
	Meta-Y		 \371
	Meta-Control-Y	 \231
	Meta-Control-Z	 \232
	control-?	 ?
	Meta-K		 \353
	Meta-Control->	 \276
	Meta-Control-<	 \274
	Meta->		 \276
	Meta-<		 \274
	Meta-Control-?	 \277

  Note that some characters are not distinct, so you'll have to
  reassign the key mappings in command-processor.lsp to suit your

o There were a number of references to a #\CR character.  I replaced
  them with #\Newline characters.

o In AKCL, byte specs are not self-evaluating (in fact, they are just
  dotted conses) so you have to quote the read time reference to one
  in read-internal.lsp.

o PCL under AKCL is excruciatingly slow.  Some of the EW files with
  big DEFCLASSes in them took over an hour to compile and another hour
  to load on a Sun 3.  Does anyone know how to speed this up?  I ended
  up splitting the files macros.lsp and x-macros-interface.lsp into a
  number of pieces to make things bearable.

Hope this helps,
--David Gadbois