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ew on DECstation 5000, Lucid 4.0

Has anyone gotten ew to work on a DECstation 5000, Lucid 4.0, Ultrix
4.0?  My first couple of attempts have failed during the compilation
of ew.  The following were part of the lisp image when I tried this:
WTK & CLOS (which also means CLX).  When I attempt the load of
load-ew.lisp it asks if I want to load CLX and CLOS and I say no
because they are already loaded.  I am not sure what version of CLOS
or CLX is part of Lucid 4.0 the old pcl::*pcl-system-date* is not
there anymore.  Anyway, I guess I should describe in more detail what
happened but, first, I would like to know if someone has successfully
ported ew to the 5000 using Lucid 4.0.  Thanx.

Jamey Graham                      Ricoh California Research Center
jamey@crc.ricoh.com               2882 Sand Hill Road, Suite 115
                                  Menlo Park, CA  94025-7022