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Re: Goodwill EW under Franz trouble

  >      By the way, is there any easy way to make the initial lisp window
  >    smaller?  The default is wider than my screen and almost as high. Right
  >    now, I'm just doing (run-program 'lisp-window) to start things up.
  >I'd sure like to do this as well.  I'm not even able to resize the window
  >under the window manager I'm using (twm).  If you or someone else can
  >figure it out, let us all know.

the simple (if not proper) way to do this is to hack initialize-window-system.
the following code allows the dimensions to be specified as keyword args. the
mouse doc window will be sized proportionately.

;;; from x-interface.lisp
(defun initialize-window-system (&OPTIONAL (host *Default-Host*) &KEY protocol (display 0)
				 	   (width (xlib:screen-width *screen*))
				 	   (height (xlib:screen-height *screen*)))
  (setq *Menu-Choose-Resource* NIL
	*mouse-window* NIL)
  (when *X-Display*
    ;; remove pixmaps from stipples so they can be GC'd.
    (dolist (stipple *stipple-arrays*)
      (setf (stipple-pattern-pixmaps stipple)
	    (delete (xlib:screen-root *screen*)
		    (stipple-pattern-pixmaps stipple)
		    :KEY #'FIRST)))
    (xlib:close-display *X-display*))
  (setq *X-Display* (xlib:open-display host :DISPLAY display :PROTOCOL protocol)
	*Screen*  (xlib:display-default-screen *X-Display*))
  (init-alu-values (xlib:screen-black-pixel *Screen*))
  (let ((screen-width width)
	(screen-height height)
	(mouse-documentation-window-height 36))
    (setq *Ultimate-Root-Window*
       . . .