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Express Windows and CLIM

I'm curious what people think about the following:

Do People want Express Windows to evolve into a Public Domain
version of CLIM or at least to be more compatible or do they prefer
it for now to be more like the original Dynamic Windows?

If the answer is that you would like it to evolve to be more like CLIM
are you willing to help add functionality to make it that way?
Or would you be interested in funding furthur development of EW similar
to the GNU software?

What major features of DW do you wish it supported that is doesn't now.
    1. format-graph ?? for example
    2. ????

What major features do you not care about?

How important is a small compact window system? (i.e. takes up less than
2 megabytes in your image)

Andrew Ressler 301-643-4526