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Re: EW-CLOS feature

EW will work without PCL.  Unfortunately, I forgot that that mode
hadn't been tested lately, so a few things crept in to make it easier
for people using PCL.  The particular bug you refer is not really a bug
and is fixed by just commenting out the pushnew of :EW-CLOS.  This should
fix most things.

However, there is still one small sticky point that I was never sure which
way to do.  That has to do with the class object created by a
You may need to make a minor mode there to get it to do the "right"
thing.  Whatever you think it should be.  It may be that you want the window
objects to be defstruct, but would still like the program object to be
a class.  The appropriate code to look at is in the same file that

Andrew L. Ressler aressler@oiscola.columbia.ncr.com
> Although I am led to believe that EW can be compiled with or without
> PCL, there appears to be a problem when I try to compile without PCL.
> If I answer *no* to the questions about loading and compling CLOS,
> then the following problem occurs.
> The file <ew>/code/system.lisp does a (pushnew :EW-CLOS *Features*)
> Then the file <ew>/code/symbols.lisp contains the form
> #+ew-clos
> (import '(pcl::with-slots pcl::defclass pcl::defmethod pcl::make-instance pcl::print-object)
> 	'express-windows)
> which looks for the (non-existant because I didn't load it) pcl package
> What should I be doing here?