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Re: Color support?

> Anyone have ideas for adding color to EW?

Color should be straight forward to add.  I never had a color monitor
so I could test anything though.  Each drawing primitive can take a COLOR
keyword argument that could be a simple object with slots for RGB.  Then
inside the with-gcontext you would pass the appropriate information from the\
color object to the gcontext.  You would also need to add a slot to the
base level presentation if you want the color to be remembered.

I don't think symbolic's color objects are much more complicated than that.
Of course, you can always add fancy primitives for building appropriate colors.
You would also want to minimize consing color objects on the fly.

Call me at 803-739-7812 in the next few days if you want to discuss it furthur.

Andrew L. Ressler  aressler@oiscola.columbia.ncr.com