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Franz Lisp for Eunice 4.1

We are running Franz Lisp, opus 38.79 in VMS 4.1, Eunice 4.1 . 
The way "funny" VMS filenames such as  i.am.funny  (two dots) and 
longfilename.l  (more than 9 characters in first-filename) are hashed by 
Eunice was changed from version 3.X (HSN/HSH filename extensions) to 
version 4.X ($-sign encoding).
The problem is even though we are running in VMS/Eunice 4.1, Franz only 
understands the VMS/Eunice 3.X funny filename hashing e.g. for 
(load "longfilename.l") .  It gives a "file not found error" if the 
filename is hashed using the 4.X hashing scheme.
Can anyone clarify this situation for me?  I.e. is it likely to be a Franz 
problem or a Eunice problem we are facing?  We have not rebuilt Franz yet, 
but would this help?  Would recompiling some C file help?  There's a 
function cvt_unix_to_vms .  Is this the culprit?  Is this a Franz function 
or a Eunice function?  Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, some .exe files work fine without rebuilding from 3.X .  Others 
err out with: [EUNICE: $IMGACT failed, Status = %X84d8cbc - Couldn't get 
message string].  Does anyone know what this means?