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Re: Namestack Overflow; Large list storage

In the directory   franz/h   search for NAMESIZE in the file  global.h
and change it; then rebuild the system.  (Use a `make clean' first,
because not all the dependencies are in the makefile, I think.  You 
can rebuild with `make fast' [ha!]).

I changed the NAMESIZE in our system from 3072 to 16384 without difficulty.

However, I have a problem, franz-friends--I tried to increase the list
storage (TTSIZE) from the default 6000 or so 512 byte pages to 32000.
When the storage goes above the 10216 pages or so, I get bizzare behavior,
usually culminating in an illegal instruction.  Is 10216 somehow a hard
limit on the list storage size?  Has anyone built a system bigger than
10216 and had it work for large jobs?  (This is not a problem with our
system datasize limit; it happens before the datasize is exceeded.)

				Jim Boyle