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Re: Lisp is faster than Prolog?

	You misunderstood my message.  Prolog-in-Lisp really isn't under
examination: the only reason I brought it up was that it provided the
original motivation for the experiment (I wanted to determine a limit on the
speed I could expect out of my Prolog, reasoning that it could not possibly
be faster than native-coded Lisp.)

	The rest of your letter is essentially correct: the figures imply
that CProlog is at least as fast as Franz, since the relevant test is
interpreted code in each language (i.e., the first set of figures).
However, this should not imply that I believe that Prolog is a "better"
language than Lisp (I don't want to get into *that* debate), or imply
that Lisp has no advantages over Prolog.  Lisp may have real advantages over
Prolog, but there is no reason to believe that speed is one of them.