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Re: Lisp is faster than Prolog?

Your first comparison of Prolog and Lisp is not very meaningful. You are
comparing a Prolog implemented in Lisp with a Lisp implemented in C.
Perhaps you could try to compare Lisp in Lisp with Prolog in Lisp.

In a certain sense, your comparison of Franzlisp and C-Prolog infact
indicates the superiority of C-Prolog. C-Prolog can be used to do append
and all other functional programming at almost the speed of FranzLisp.
However, in C-Prolog, you can do also do deduction, searching, pattern
matching and a lot of other AI-stuff at the same speed. To do these in
Franzlisp you must write Lisp functions and suffer the loss in speed
associated with simulating functionality in a high-level language.

-- Sanjai