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Franz -> Common Lisp ?

Reply-to: hamscher@mit-htvax.arpa

Is there a common lisp that runs on 4.2 BSD?  Seems to
me this is  a vacuum that many folks must be trying to fill.

I am wondering:

(1) Who's working on one?

    <<None of the following answers win brownie points:
	(a) DEC.  Their Unix common lisp is only for in-house use.
	(b) CCA.  Ain't ready yet.
	(c) David Betz (XLISP 1.4).  Currently only a small subset.
	(d) NIL.  No Unix implementation planned.>>

(2) Is there a common lisp compatability package for franz?

	<<Unlikely, I know.  Still, how much of common
	lisp already exists in compatability packages,
	e.g. Lexical scoping :-), Packages, Keyword
	arguments, Pathnames, Bit-arrays?>>

(3) Are folks at UCB thinking of spinning off a common
    lisp from the existing franz implementation?

	<<Also unlikely but surely the thought has occurred.>>

All answers and pointers appreciated.

	Walter Hamscher