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Re: Franz documentation for MIT LM code

 Regarding the documentation for Franz Lisp and the MIT/Lisp Machine
 compatibility packages:

 Another option exists for those who might be interested. We at Decision
 Systems Lab have been using a modified version of Opus 38.89 which in-
 cludes the  defstruct and flavors code already described. It also in-
 cludes an Interlisp compatibility package which allows Interlisp
 records as well as most of the CLISP forms (these are actually very
 easily simulated with LOOP but we chose a strategy which is more
 in keeping with the Interlisp implementation of CLISP involving
 hashed definitions for CLISP forms.

 The modified Lisp has all of the up-to-date flavors code and an
 edited version of the manual which describes the format, defstruct,
 and CLISP packages (borrowing heavily from the Laser edition of
 the Common Lisp manual by Guy Steele). It also includes a re-organization
 of much of the older manual into a more coherent form, and a number
 of examples of more difficult concepts.

 If there is any interest I can make this publicly available. It would
 be of little value to simply have the additional chapter since it
 refers, heavily, to material in other sections. Also, flavors is not,
 yet included, since the status of flavors in Franz was uncertain up
 to a few months ago.

 For those interested, I will not be prepared to answer requests before
 Christmas but after that I'll be around and can handle almost anything.

 Sean McLinden
 Decision Systems Laboratory
 University of Pittsburgh