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the *real* flavor sources (etc.)

For some time I have been using and maintaining enhanced versions of the
several Franz lisplib modules which implement various Lisp Machine
compatibilities, most notably, the FLAVOR system and FORMAT output.
jkf@berkeley has authorized me to announce public availability of these
files via anonymous ftp from UCBKIM.  These seven files are compatible
with Opus 38.91, but supersede the versions in the 39.91 distribution.
There are a number of bugfixes and new features.

UCBKIM supports FTP with login "anonymous" and any password.  The
files are:

The changes are too many to describe in detail.  Many of the FLAVOR
system changes are for compatibility with changes to Franz, although a
few non-working or missing features (but not all) have been bludgeoned
into functionality.  In particular, wrappers work.  The FORMAT module
fixes a number of format directives which apparently never worked.
However, some of the hairier ones are known still to be defective.

This "completely unsupported" software is graciously being made
available to all takers without any promises whatever:  there is no
promise of correctness, and no promise of support.  Also, the sources
total 160K and unsuitable for uucp distribution, and I don't have time
to deal with tape requests [sorry].

The above notwithstanding, I am as eager as anyone for additional
improvements to the code.  Anyone with additional bugfixes is encouraged
to communicate to me, and I will try to integrate the code.  I will try
to respond to bug reports, but it may be a rather low priority business.

Steve Haflich
MIT Experimental Music Studio
ARPA: smh@mit-eddie@mit-mc
UUCP: {ihnp4, decvax!genrad}!mit-eddie!smh