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followup to "flavors bugs (and more)"

This is a followup to a previous note I sent requesting help with fixing
Opus 38.91 of Franz and Flavors running on a Vax780 under 4.2BSD.

First, I want to thank the many people who had helpful suggestions on
what may have been going wrong. Given the small amount of information I
provided on the problem, some of them were remarkably relevant.

The problem had to do with certain functions such as "describe" going
south when invoked on a FLAVOR object. The solution was (at least) two
fold. One, which I alluded to in the previous note, had to do with the
distributed file "hash.l" containing invalid calls on the intrinsic
"getlength" function with a vector argument. These calls had to be
changed to "vsize" instead (actually "getlength" could probably have
been redefined to allow vectors...). Whatever, that solved that part.

The second solution had to do with how WE at NCARAI were installing
Franz. We have a set of directories for "local" software into which
we wanted to put the "new" Franz. As such, I went through all the
"Makefile"s and changed default directories for such things as the
libraries and objects, etc. While doing this, it was noted that certain
files in the "lisplib" directory had hard-coded the default names for, for
example, the library. Since our library was not in the same place as
this default, these lines were "commented out" (with an "exit")...with
the result that the Franz and Liszt installations did not go as smoothly
as I thought. It turns out that these lines also should be changed to
reflect the appropriate directory. They are in the files "buildlisp.l",
"common1.l", and "fix.l" in the lisplib directory (possibly others exist as
well). The pertinent lines read something like:

	(or (boundp 'default-library-directory)
	    (setq default-library-directory '/usr/lib/lisp))

During the installation (done on a CRT) I was doing something else. Thus
when the mods made (namely changing the "setq" call above into an "exit")
were invoked, I didn't notice later that a number of things which SHOULD have
happened didn't (they'd gone off the screen...). Needless to say, this
caused all sorts of bizarre inconsistencies (especially since our last
installation DID use the default directories...).

Anyway, notes for the future:

	(1) If ftp'ing Franz from ucbkim be sure to get the stuff in the
	    "flavors" directory as well. This contains a new "hash.l"
	    modified by SMH to use "vsize" rather than "getlength".

	(2) If not using the default directories for the installation,
	    change the names in the above files as well to reflect the
	    appropriate place(s)...sigh.

Yours (with an apparently working Franz+flavors),

Russ <Smith@nrl-aic>
Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence (whew!)