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Documentation pblms.

  I am an ardent Franz hack here at Wash. St. Univ, Pullman.
  I need some specific info on Franz Lisp.

 There is no documentation on 'Structures' in the Franz Lisp manual, that
we have here. (This is dated June 1983. The version we have is Opus 38.69,
June 1983). Specifically I need documentaion on all the macros related to
the use of structures like defstruct. I know for sure that these macros
are available on our system, but I am having problems on their usage. The
on-line documentation does not give any help either. Maybe you have an 
updated version of the Franz Lisp manual. Can you help around, please ?

As another instance, functions relating to hashtables are available here
but there is no documentation for it.