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Re: T and franz

	Subject: T and franz
	Hmm. It strikes me that there have been a good many wild claims made on
	both side of this argument.  Maybe I can clear a few up.
Ditto, otherwise I'd just keep my mouth shut...
	The professor that announced we shouldn't use franz was Geoff Hinton.
Of course Geoff might have provided evidence of slowness.  You still haven't.	
	 There has only been one paper published
	on T ("T:  a Dialect of Lisp" in the Conference Record of the '82 
	Symposium on
	LISP and Functional Programming, August 1982).  I just read through 
	it again; it
	makes no claims at all about speedup factors over franz.
Having read the first version as a member of the program committee, and
hence a referee, I asked that the statement be supported or removed.
It was removed.
	The only fast lisps I know of are Maclisp, Zetalisp, and T.
Don't you yet understand that your OPINION is not being questioned.  I
know what you THINK is true.  You don't want to be confused by the facts.
I truly do not know how fast T is in comparison to Franz, but I can tell
you that there are benchmarks illustrating that Franz on a vax 780 is faster
than a Symbolics 3600, for some purposes.  Perhaps RPG@SU-AI will have
some information, someday.
	Too bad Barry had such a rough time getting T up at Harvard. I had no problems
	here at CMU.
Are you using 4.2BSD UNIX on a VAX?  If so I would think you'd do us all
a favor and make it available.  Because we haven't been able to get it to
work here.

	 He's designed a language so clean, elegant and powerful it brings tears to your eyes.
Yes, but why call it Lisp?  How about ONION  (Onion's Not it's Original Name ?)
(Sorry Jon..)

I look forward to a working 4.2BSD T (at a price I can afford), and some
benchmark data.