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Maryland software distribution

This is to announce the availability of the Univ of Maryland software
distribution.  This includes source code for the following:

1.  The flavors package written in Franz Lisp.  This package has
    been used successfully in a number of large systems at Maryland,
    and while it does not implement all the features of Lisp Machine
    Flavors, the features present are as close to the Lisp Machine
    version as possible within the constraints of Franz Lisp.
    (Note that Maryland flavors code *can* be compiled.)
2.  Other Maryland Franz hacks including the INTERLISP-like top
    level, the lispbreak error handling package, the for macro and
    the new loader package.
3.  The YAPS production system written in Franz Lisp.  This is
    similar to OPS5 but more flexible in the kinds of lisp expressions
    that may appear as facts and patterns (sublists are allowed
    and flavor objects are treated atomically), the variety of
    tests that may appear in the left hand sides of rules and the
    kinds of actions may appear in the right hand sides of rules.
    In addition, YAPS allows multiple data bases which are flavor
    objects and may be sent messages such as "fact" and "goal".
4.  The windows package in the form of a C loadable library.  This
    flexible package allows convenient management of multiple
    contexts on the screen and runs on ordinary character display
    terminals as well as bit-mapped displays.  Included is a Franz
    lisp interface to the window library, a window shell for
    executing shell processes in windows, and a menu package (also
    a C loadable library).

You should be aware of the fact that the lisp software is based on
Franz Opus 38.26 and that we will be switching to the newer version
of lisp that comes with Berkeley 4.2 whenever that comes out.


To obtain the Univ of Maryland distribution tape:

1.  Fill in the form below, make a hard copy of it and sign it.
2.  Make out a check to University of Maryland Foundation for $100,
    mail it and the form to:

		Liz Allen
		Univ of Maryland
		Dept of Computer Science
		College Park MD 20742

3.  If you need an invoice, send me mail, and I will get one to you.
    Don't forget to include your US Mail address.

Upon receipt of the money, we will mail you a tape containing our
software and the technical reports describing the software.  We
will also keep you informed of bug fixes via electronic mail.


The form to mail to us is:

In exchange for the Maryland software tape, I certify to the

a.  I will not use any of the Maryland software distribution in a
    commercial product without obtaining permission from Maryland
b.  I will keep the Maryland copyright notices in the source code,
    and acknowledge the source of the software in any use I make of
c.  I will not redistribute this software to anyone without permission
    from Maryland first.
d.  I will keep Maryland informed of any bug fixes.
e.  I am the appropriate person at my site who can make guarantees a-d.

				Your signature, name, position,
				phone number, U.S. and electronic
				mail addresses.


If you have any questions, etc, send mail to me:

				-Liz Allen, U of Maryland, College Park MD
				 Usenet:   ...!seismo!umcp-cs!liz
				 Arpanet:  liz%umcp-cs@Udel-Relay