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Re: Franz/Common lisp

I think that a common-lisp-compatibility package written
in Franz would not be as difficult as all that. 

If Common Lisp (TM of DEC?) were available on all the same
machines at the same price, (appx. $0.) and CL were
in fact a superset of Franz for all practical purposes, and
with similar or better efficiency, etc. Why would anyone bother?

Of course if CL does not meet all of the objectives (e.g. price, machines),
then a CL-to-Franz "translator" might make sense.

With that in mind,
I would like to officially request a copy of the Common Lisp
language (as implemented in CL, presumably), as soon as it
becomes available (i.e. no later than when it is a "product"
of DEC, and probably at "beta" test time).
I agree fully with Scott that trying to do this with an incomplete
language specification is unwise.

I am also not making any commitment to do anything with CL at
Berkeley, but since we are building tools for our own applications,
and CL might be useful, we might consider an efficient merge of