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Re: franz distribution

  Here is our current distribution policy.  This differs a bit from
the one sent out a month ago [in particular, we now have anonymous ftp]

				    -[Fri Jan 28 08:31:45 1983 by jkf]-
	Franz Lisp Distribution
  This note describes our distribution policy for Franz Lisp.

What is being distributed:
  We distribute only source code in order to keep the distribution
  small and relatively Unix independent.   Makefiles are provided to
  build the entire lisp system from source, even if you don't have
  a version of lisp running already.  This process takes about 3 cpu
  hours on a Vax 780.  [This version for the Vax only, a 68000 version
  is being worked on.  Contact ucbkim.sklower@berkeley or 

  The following source is provided:
    lisp interpreter, 
    compiler (liszt),
    cross reference program (lxref),
    lisp manual,
    and other utility programs:
       trace, step, debug, cmu library functions, (and other minor ones),
       and these packages from the MIT lisp library:
	    defstruct, loop. 
   	    [These programs are provided as a convenience to those who can't
	     access the arpanet and copy them.  There is no documentation for
	     them in the Franz Lisp manual.  The best source of documentation
	     is the Lisp Machine manual (available from MIT, Symbolics
	     or LMI)]

   Regarding Flavors:  there are two implementations of flavors for
	Franz Lisp, one from MIT (contact person Richard Zippel (rz@mit-mc))
	and one from the University of Maryland (contact person
	Liz Allen  (liz.umcp-cs@udel-relay)).  Neither implementation is
	exactly like flavors on the Lisp Machine (due to differences between
	Lisp Machine lisp and Franz Lisp), and the implementations differ
	from each other.    The MIT version cannot be distributed by 
	us (yet) due to licensing problems.   If you have a Lisp Machine
	Source license from Symbolics, you should be able to get a copy
	from MIT.
	For a Tech Report on Maryland flavors, write to Liz Allen.

What is the form of the distribution:
  The files are packaged in a giant (2.1Mbyte) shell script.  Running this
shell script through 'sh' will result in a directory tree.  A ReadMe file
in the current directory will contain instructions on building the lisp
system.  The shell script is broken into a number of smaller files.
The current distribution looks like:

total 2089
 489 -rw-r--r--  1 jkf        500003 Jan 26 11:33 opus38.50.aa
 489 -rw-r--r--  1 jkf        500002 Jan 26 11:35 opus38.50.ab
 489 -rw-r--r--  1 jkf        500047 Jan 26 11:37 opus38.50.ac
 489 -rw-r--r--  1 jkf        500007 Jan 26 11:38 opus38.50.ad
 133 -rw-r--r--  1 jkf        136038 Jan 26 11:39 opus38.50.ae

The '38.50' means Opus 38, minor version 50.  These numbers may be different
by the time you get your distribution.  In order to extract the lisp
files from this shell script, you need only type:
	cat * | sh

To get a copy of the distribution:
  The distribution may be obtained either using FTP from an arpanet site,
or on a magnetic tape through the U.S Mail.

   The files are stored on the arpanet host 'ucb-vax' [ if you have an out
   of date host table, it may be called 'ucb-monet' or 'ucb-ingres'. Its
   internet number is].
   You can login as 'anonymous'.   Use your name as the password.
   The files are in the subdirectory pub/lisp.
   For those who have accounts on ucb-vax, the full path is ~ftp/pub/lisp.

 Mag Tape:
   In order to get a copy of the distribution mailed to you, send a check to
 cover our tape copying and mailing costs (fees are listed below).  We will
 purchase the mag tape and you are free to keep it.  Please do NOT
 send us a tape.

     		$50	- distribution tape mailed 3rd class
	    add $10	- a copy of the Lisp Manual (we will only
	       		  send one copy, you are free to photocopy it)
  	    add $7	- send tape via 1st class mail.

	     	$15	- for just a copy of the Lisp Manual

 The address to send checks to is 

	Keith Sklower
	EECS/Computer Science Division
	524 Evans Hall
	University of California
	Berkeley, CA  94720

 All checks should be made out to "Regents, University of California."
 We require pre-payment.  We will not invoice or process purchase orders.

    This distribution works on the latest versions of Unix running at
    Berkeley (4.1a).  We can't guarantee that it will work on older
    versions (although, if you are running 4.1, it is almost certain
    that it will work, but we have not verified it).
    VMS users who are using a typical Unix compatibility package will 
    probably not be able to build a lisp from this distribution unless they
    know a great deal about VMS and their compatibility package.
    At least one package (Eunice) supports Franz at this time.
    If you get a copy of the distribution, you are free to give it to
    other people.  We appreciate being informed of new sites so they
    can be put on a mailing list (electronic and conventional).  This
    list is used to announce new releases.  To be put on this list,
    send U.S. Mail to Keith Sklower (address above) or to 
    franz-friends-request@berkeley or ucbvax!franz-friends-request