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franz for VMS

Until now, Franz has only run under VMS through the aid of a unix
emulator developed at SRI by David Kashtan, called EUNICE.  SRI
has recently sold marketing rights to EUNICE to a company called
the Wollogong Group.  We are currently trying to convince them
to license just Franz separately, which would reduce the cost to
UNIVERSITIES from $2,000 to $500 (for the first copy).

(This would be quite generous on their part, since they are still
required to pay SRI royalties on each binary!)

As the source to Franz is almost entirely free of Unix proprietary
source code, we will be happy to send a copy to anybody who wishes
to make it run under VMS for our usual duplication charge, (and as usual,
have no objection to third party exchanges of the most recent version).

The phone number for The Wollogong Group is (415) 962 9224.