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alternate distribution of opus 38

 These people have kindly offered to redistribute Franz Lisp sources:

----Date: 24 March 1982 1101-PST (Wednesday)
    From: patel at UCLA-Security (Dorab Patel)

Once we get the sources for opus 38, I would be willing to 
redistribute the tape at cost for anyone in this area.

My address is:

		Dorab Patel
		3804A Boelter Hall
		Computer Science Department
		Los Angeles, CA 90024

	phone: (213) 825 7276
	       (213) 825 8456 (message only)


----Date: 27 Mar 1982 1848-EST
    From: Sean McLinden  <MCLINDEN at RUTGERS>
    Work-address: Decision Systems Lab, University of Pittsburgh
    Work-phone: 412-624-3490

 Assuming that everything goes ok, we will be glad to provide anyone
with a copy of Franz who might not have access to it otherwise, at
no charge (if they have their own tape). If not, we can loan a tape
(but prefer not to do that by mail).