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Vaxyma -- let's not all attack MIT at once!

It is not our intention to indiscriminately hand out copies of the
macsyma source, since we (perhaps foolishly) agreed, several years ago,
not to do so, (an agreement with MIT).  This does not prevent others
from getting the (same) source from mit-mc.
Anything other than the mit source can be obtained from us (including
Franz, its compiler, set-up "makefiles" etc.)  it is not trivial
to get all the sources from MIT.

However, if there are any people with government contracts who need
macsyma on a vax, they should contact me directly, if JM has not
been responsive.  Perhaps with the help of government sponsors, something
can be shaken loose.  (esp. Dept. of Energy).

If you are just curious about macsyma, probably you should hold off
for a while.

If it is an;y comfort to you, I have copies of very strongly worded
letters from Peter Denning, pres. of ACM, to JM, protesting the withholding
of software developed under gov't sponsorship.  [Well, Purdue, got its
copy, anyway...]