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Prolog (Qlog) for Franz -- An initial release

Some hacker (who shall rename mainless) has modified Jon Komorowski's Qlog
system (originally in interlisp and later hacked for CADR) to run on Franz.
It can be found on [4115,40]QLOG.FTP @ WHARTON-10.  I think that our FTP
server needs no login thus you can snarf the file at will.   We run this
under Franz on VMS but it can be easily modified to run on Unix, I assume.

Warning... This is a Q&D implementation and we will have it recoded someday
with much of the cruft removed.  Believe it or not, there IS doc as far as
it goes.  I think that it even matches the code!

If anyone has a burning interest in this feel free to snarf it.  If you don't
know ProLog it won't be of any use to you -- there is no tutorial.  

I have added "either" to Komorowski's original code as well as fixing up some
of the original cruft but it still has problems.  The most notable is the lack
of a NOT function.  

If you take a copy please tell me and we'll form a SIG to discuss enhancements.

Thanks and good luck
-- Jeff