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Inter-dialect Lisp translation (esp. Interlisp -> Franz)

I am involved in a project to translate a large InterLisp system to run in
Franz Lisp.  We envision this process as having two components:  (1) a system
which translates InterLisp source code to Franz Lisp source code, and
(2) a set of packages which create a run-time environment in Franz Lisp which
is more similar to InterLisp's.  One of our goals is to produce a translation
system which will allow us to take a new release of the InterLisp version and
produce a Franz version with less than one man-week's worth of effort.

I am very interested in hearing about:

 o  existing translators which go from one dialect of Lisp to another
    (especially from InterLisp to FranzLisp or MacLisp)

 o  People's experience with automatic translators - how good can they be?

 o  existing packages which implement standard InterLisp utilities (e.g.
    Record package, Decl package)

- Tim Finin -