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I heard a wild rumor today.  Is it true that SRI has gotten MACSYMA to
run using Franz LISP on a VAX?  What do you SRI people say about this?

If so, I'm kinda interested.  I dunno if I'd be interested enough to
acquire a copy if it costs (we don't get much into field theory
equations or similar good uses for MACSYMA where I work), but it might
come in handy if it runs and is economical.

Available are two 11/780's running VAX/VMS Release 2.2 and one 11/750
running EUNICE under VAX/VMS Release 2.2.  All can run Franz, I

Thanx for any info people can provide.  Maybe we should spread the
word to INFO-VAX if this is not just a rumor?