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Franz Documentation

   I  agree  that the documentation in the 3bsd package was much too brief. You
will find that the 4bsd manual is much more complete (all references to chapter
X.Y  have  been  removed).  The 4bsd tapes are going out once the documentation
gets  back  from  the  printers (any day now) and when you get the latest Franz
manual, please let me know what needs to be added/corrected.
   I  think  that Winston's book has a good introduction to lisp. After you get
the  basic  idea  and  you  want to see some Franz code, look in the lisp coded
function  packages (such as /usr/lib/lisp/auxfns0.l and /usr/lib/lisp/trace.l),
the lisp top level (/usr/lib/lisp/toplevel.l) or the lisp compiler.