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Franz on Suns under 4.2

Well, I have the answer to my question.  My problem, you may recall, was that
the Franz on the 4.2 tapes, which worked under Sun Unix Release 0.4, no
longer worked under Release 1.0.  It turns out:

 * When Sun went from Release 0.4 to 1.0, they changed the stack frame
   format, and that broke Opus 38.79, which is the one on the 4.2 tapes from
   Berkeley.  However, Berkeley fixed the problem in Opus 38.91, which is
   also available from Berkeley.

 * When Sun goes to Release 1.1, they will change the stack frame formats
   back (for this and other reasons), and Opus 38.79 will work again.  I
   would presume that 38.91 will still work too.

John DeTreville
Bell Labs, Murray Hill