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[Sean McLinden <MCLINDEN@RUTGERS.ARPA>: Re: Franz on Suns under 4.2?]

Mail-From: MCLINDEN created at 18-Apr-84 23:33:56
Original-Date: 18 Apr 84 23:33:56 EST
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 84 04:33:56 GMT
Subject: Re: Franz on Suns under 4.2?
To: allegra!jdd@UCB-VAX.ARPA
In-Reply-To: Message from "allegra!jdd@Berkeley (John DeTreville)" of 18 Apr 84 13:10:10 EST

 I must be missing something with all of this discussion of Franz
 Lisp on Suns. We have had no trouble at all running the current
 (opus 38.91?) Berkeley release on Suns and have been running Sun
 Franz Lisp for nearly a year now.

 The only serious problem that I can recall happened a few sub versions
 ago and was due to a logical error in the C-coded algorithm which
 determined when to garbage collect (as things would have it, it
 never did). The result was that liszt was unable to compile some
 of the lisp coded sources due to the 2 Meg/process limit imposed
 by the Sun operating system (the bug existed in the Vax version as
 well but one would only see it if the lisp image exceeded 6 megs
 which is rare for a compiler run).

 Perhaps you could be more explicit in describing what, exactly,
 the problem is. The people at Berkeley most probably have Suns
 and I am sure that they don't release Sun versions without testing

 Sean McLinden
 Decision Systems Lab
 University of Pittsburgh
 School of Medicine