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Has any one the missing function from pp.l (franz opus 38.79)

	I posted this request to the net on net.lang.lisp some time ago,
but got no response. I hope that this will generate the required results.


	Does anyone out there have the function <pp-comment>, which is
called by <pp> in franz opus 38.79 (came with 4.2 BSD)? The absence of
this is not normally a problem, since who comments their code? Me.
I have been using the CMU file package, and find it extremely
convenient, except that use of the function <dc> causes it to fail due
to the absence of the <pp-comment> function from pp.l . If no-one
has the actual pp-comment function, does anyone have a description
of the exact format in which <dskin> expects to see comments? Thank you.

				Neil S. Erskine