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     From TIKIT@USC-ECLB.ARPA  Sun Feb 19 14:12:09 1984
     Date: 19 Feb 1984 1323-PST
     Subject: Wanted: VMS 3.4 FranzLisp

     I am interested in obtaining information about FranzLisp running under VAX/VMS
     Version 3.4.  Do you know who I can order it from, or how much it might cost?


     Tom Piotrowski
     Artificial Intelligence Lab Tech Support 

To: franz-friends
Subject: Availability of a VMS version of Franz Lisp

A number of people have inquired about the availability of Franz Lisp
under VMS.  Robert Lynch, a DEC representative, has asked that such inquiries 
be directed to him.  DEC is trying to gauge customer interest in Franz
Lisp; and will support a Franz Lisp port to VMS (by the authors of Franz
Lisp)  only if there is sufficient interest.
You may reach him at:
		Attn: Robert Lynch
		Contential Blvd
		mail stop mk02-1/h10
		Meramac NH 0354
		603 884 2932 
---Fritz Kunze

---Fritz Kunze